Welcome to the Shadowwolves

I would like to briefly explain our rules again. You have probably already read a lot of things on our website. We try to donate 250 gold per week, if you can’t do that, please uncheck the ‘participate in quest’ box. You are welcome to donate a little bit more.


We try to get only active members in our clan. Being active means collecting 2000 xp during the quest. If you can’t do that, you can still be active until the next quest start and get over 3000 collected xp in the week. If you should do that, then a vice/leader will send you your total xp needed to not get a warning, you can check the whole thing under members (filter – >’XP: always’ on).
You should participate in the Clan Quest at least once every three weeks. If you can’t be online for a longer time, please tell a clan vice/leader.


We regularly participate in clan quests. So that everyone can decide equally for which skin we start the quest, we have set up a voting system on our website. You will get the login data from jacsi. With us every new member has a one week trial period. Therefore you should try to get to know as many members as possible during the week. After the week we decide if you stay in the clan or not (sometimes it can take a little longer). We will contact you afterwards only if you don’t stay in the clan, so if you don’t hear from us you are a direwolf :).
If you don’t get along with a member or later with new members coming into the clan please tell a vice/leader about it.

Personal description

To get to know you a bit better, we expect every member to write a profile describing who you are. You can find the profile of our leader, jacsi, as an example here: https://www.dieschattenwoelfe.de/jacsis-steckbrief/ . You can send us your profile on our website https://www.dieschattenwoelfe.de/dein-steckbrief/, on Discord or in the Clanchat. This should be done in 3 days at the latest.

You are welcome on our Discord. We exchange there regularly. If you want you are welcome to join the server, the link is https://discord.gg/wbgb8mW. Please tell a leader at WWO your Discord name or your ig name so we can give you the right permissions. I hope we gain a permanent new member with you after the week.